Gororoth is the battlefield of the gods. In ages long past, the deities warred amongst themselves for dominion of the cosmos. The warzone of their choice was a small world in the material plane, where the native races joined the conflict on every side, forever dividing the then present races. The ferocity of this battle made of mockery of loyalty and ethics. Good made pact with evil, evil with good, and no alliance lasted long. The war lasted many ages of the earth, until the arrival of Shothotugg, the Eater of Worlds. The warring factions choose alliance over annihilation, and Shothotugg was driven from the world. The gods convened at a great council and decreed that the inhabitants of the war-torn world fade into the background of reality, never to have dominion over the world again. The gods created a new race, one that would share kinship with all, but belong to none. So was humanity born.